Friday, November 25, 2011

POEM: Tasting God

Sometimes we flee from God
Down the alleys of our busyness
Like fat children chasing cookies going stale
But oh when we turn back to face the Sun
His great good lips kiss us
With a taste like cantelope, ripe and sweet
And tears rise to rinse away our scabs
And rest settles on our hearts like morning dew
And such hunger, and such desire as we never felt before
The presence of God known to far too few.


  1. I checked out your blog after reading a comment you posted somewhere. And I love this poem -- the image of us as fat children chasing down more stale food is perfect. Also the picture of a relationship with God including tears, rest, desire, in sweet kisses -- it evokes those occasions when I am blessed by feeling His presence.
    I've poked around your blog a little and am enjoying it, looking forward to more!

  2. Thanks GretchenJoanna Glad! Welcome! Your blog is a lovely place of light and cheer.