Saturday, November 26, 2011

POEM: Naughty Divinity

Someone seems to have gone to so much trouble
To give us these sexual urges, to heavily wire
And drug us to be driven crazy with longing for another,
Pulled bodily from our self pre-occupation to be consumed by fire.

Oh the wicked goodness of God!
To leave a boy so disturbed and dizzy at the curves of a girl
To leave the girl this breathless at the nearness of the boy...
What naughty divinity to spin our brains in such a whirl!

How much trouble our heavenly Father spent
To rig us as the most complicated bombs in history
To set off a hundred timers and inject the love cocaine
To tighten muscles and flood the brain with consummate chemistry

So that even our bones ache with desire
And love wins and God lifts us higher.

1 comment:

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