Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Silly Girl and Her Cake

Once there was a little girl. She liked chocolate cake. Whenever she saw a chocolate cake in the kitchen, she would begin to lick the air. She would lick and lick the air without stopping. Her mother didn't approve. "Stop licking the air," she would say. "You are not allowed to eat any cake until after dinner."

But this didn't stop the little girl. No, it didn't stop her at all. She would stand and lick the air, staring at the cake. Finally, her mother took to hiding the chocolate cakes in the oven.

One day, however, her mother needed to put 300 stamps on some invitation letters. She licked 27 stamps before her tongue became stiff and tired. She could never do all 300! Then she had an idea. She cooked a chocolate cake and put it out on the counter. The little girl smelled it and came into the kitchen.

She saw the cake and began licking the air, staring at the cake. The mother started holding stamps out. Bang, bang, bang, her daughter licked them and the mother stuck them on the envelopes. In just ten minutes she had stamped all the invitations. Then she gave her daughter a big piece of cake.

The end.