Wednesday, August 24, 2011

POEM: Disaster in Eden

Like the first sneeze to spread disease

The poisoned needle pricked through the skin

Not bleeding but leaving a tiny hole.

Like a rock tossed at a pane of glass that cracks

Their first sin shattered something in the universe.

Light slowed, the world grew dark once more in chaos

Spinning like a rotting apple through black space.

And we are bound by blood to those first two

In the smell of our sweat and breath, our eyes reflected in their wide eyes

Suddenly full of fear and misery.
This is part of an epic cycle of poems I call Four Stories From Earth. This third poem in the second cycle is detailing the moment after biting the fruit, when sin is piercing into Adam and Eve like a hypodermic needle injecting poison. I think all of us who are sensitive experience these moments when we feel the inrush of guilt and poison after a sick, sinful choice. Thank Jesus he exchanges our brokenness for his health.

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