Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We just got a dog. She's about three years old, and she has separation anxiety issues. She's already attached herself to us very affectionately. But it's really difficult for her when we are out of sight. It's understandable. She's been jounced from house to the house for the past weeks, and her original owners had to give her up. 

I had to leave her today for a few hours. Only three hours. But I felt terrible. It's hard for a dog to understand how someone she's just put her trust in completely can leave--and will they ever come back or are they saying goodbye forever?

I put a T-shirt of Amber's and some gym pants of mine next to her cage and put her in her cage. Later I'll leave her free when I go out, but in this first week I want her restricted for her sake and ours.  I wanted to tell her: I'll be back!  Don't be too distraught!  Here, I've left some toys for you and these clothes next to your cage so you can still smell us!

And then I remembered Jesus. He was about to leave his disciples, and he said "I will not leave you as orphans."  He promised to send his Holy Spirit to give them comfort in his absence.  And he promised to return. 

When I got home, she had somehow pulled Amber's and my clothes through the narrow bars of the cage to be closer to her while she waited.


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  2. Ahh! you were thoughtful to provide tangible reminder for Olive, your dog. I am encouraged now to remember that Jesus has provided the Holy Spirit, as close as my breath... even in my own cage...