Friday, October 28, 2011

Judgement Day for Bacteria

Living in China for several years, I picked up some little friends. Munchkins in my tummy.  All of us have tons of different bacteria living in our stomach, some good, some bad. But eat enough street food in China and you'll probably get an extra dose of the bad variety.  That's what I've got in there right now. I can tell because these particular bacteria in my stomach get nutrients from my food and emit gas during the night. This bloats my stomach uncomfortably before I wake up, which generally gives me nightmares.  It's been going on for at least a year.  But now that I'm living in America again, I'm hopeful my stomach bacteria will eventually sort itself out.  If not--antibiotics time.  A rush of chemicals wiping out hordes of bacteria in a violent apocalypse.

You know, I got to thinking: what if I was one of those bacteria?  Think how many generations of bacteria have come and gone--maybe thousands of generations.  It's only been a year or two of my life, and I just haven't felt it's the right time yet to go to a doctor.  If I was one of those bacteria, I'd probably be thinking: we've been living like this for generations and generations since we can remember!  There's no judgment coming.  In fact, there's probably not even a Daniel!  Just this stomach universe, that's all there is.

They have another think coming.  I'm real, and I'm unhappy with them if they don't balance back out. In my world little time has passed, and the right time is almost here for the eradication of these selfish and harmful bacteria. If only I had the ability of God to pluck out the good bacteria and save them until the antibiotics have passed through and left a clean new stomach.

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