Friday, July 16, 2010

Christian Copyrights?

My wife has a pet peeve--Christian artists and writers clinging to their copyrights.  For example, Henry Blackabee has a life-changing study called "Experiencing God."  What if someone is overseas and wants to make copies for people interested in studying?  But it's a little hard to get 40 copies of a book overseas.  Or what about praise and worship music?  Should Christian artists and publishers really barb-wire their products as they do today? 

I hadn't thought much about this before. As an aspiring writer, I thought that writers need to make a living.  Still, we would shudder at the thought of making everyone pay at the door to enter a church and hear a sermon.  We've found other ways to provide for a pastor.  And artists like Keith Green, Rich Mullins, and Derek Webb have found ways to get around the worldly money-mongering we do.  Derek Webb apparently gave a recent album away on the internet with just an option for donations (which I think all went to a charity anyway).  What do you think?

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